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About Us

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Welcome to a New Era of Streamlined Denture Fabrication


One of the greatest challenges in dentistry involves the vast population of adults around the world who are partly or completely edentulous. Some of the greatest challenges in treating these patients include complicated procedures, human error, numerous visits and hidden costs associated with traditional denture procedures. Denture procedures are generally time-consuming and tedious. Because conventional dentures are handfabricated, human error can occur in every step of the process. Other challenges with conventional denture procedures are geographical, logistical, financial or procedural by nature. Patients who need dentures also find it difficult to arrange multiple office visits under the conventional five-visit procedure.

To solve these inherent challenges and more, in 2007, seven dental professionals gathered together to find an answer to solve the range of problems inherent to conventional denture procedures. After extensive research and numerous studies, these doctors pioneered the world’s first computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology solution to make modern denture procedures highly accurate, efficient and predictable. After testing this new method over the course of two years, they obtained the first license in the world to use a computerized 3-Dimensional structuring method to produce dentures.

With DENTCA CAD/CAM dentures, only two patient visits are really needed. The first visit consists of taking the impression and recording the VD, CR, and bite all on the same tray all in approximately 60 minutes or less. Then, DENTCA’s digital process takes care of the rest.



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