EZ Tracer


DENTCA’s New EZ-Tracer™ makes centric relations (CR) capture for dentures accurate, simple and repeatable for all modern dentistry. Comes in sets of 10 for $50.


After taking the impression:

1. Peel off sticker from back side

2. Stick the EZ-Tracer on the bottom of maxillary tray

3. Capture CR with gothic arch tracing, simplified tracing, or direct check bite according to our instructions. (If the CR is not properly captured, lift the thin film to clear the slate and trace again.)

4. Drill a dimple at the CR point that is traced

5. Lock in the lower center pin on the mandibular tray to the dimple you created and then take the bite registration. Locking the center pin into the dimple at the CR will prevent slippage during bite registration.