DENTCA Denture Teeth for Carbon printers


A1 shade - 1 kg

The DENTCA Denture Teeth resin is an FDA cleared biocompatible photocurable material. Performance and strength are the same as conventional acrylic. 
In order to obtain the guaranteed results the DENTCA Denture Teeth resin is to be used in conjunction with DENTCA Denture Base II resin for manufacture of 100% 3D printed removable dentures.

Recommended Equipment: Dymax ECE 5000 or Dreve PCU LED

Available only in 1kg presentation


Chracteristic/Method Units Specification
Before Curing
Viscosity at 25 +/- 0.5 °C cps 1000 < x < 2000
Density g/cm3 1.05 < x < 1.20
After Curing
Density g/cm3 1.15 < x < 1.25
Flexural Strength MPa >50
Degree of Conversion % >70


The characteristic values of resin may be varied by lot to lot within the specification according to DENTCA test methods. The values are intended for reference and comparison purpose only. This information should not be used for testing, design specification, or quality control purposes. End-use material performance can be impacted by, but not limited to, design, processing, operating and end-use conditions, test conditions, color, etc. Actual values will vary with build conditions. In addition, product specifications are subject to change without notice. This information, along with any technical advice from DENTCA and /or its Third-Party Partners, is given to you in good faith but without warranty. This product shall be used in compliance with Indication for Use and Direction for Use. The application, use, and processing of these and other DENTCA products by you are beyond the control of DENTCA and its Third-Party Partners and, therefore, entirely your own responsibility. DENTCA products are only to be used by you subject to the terms of any written agreement(s) by and between you and DENTCA and/or its Third-Party Partners. You are responsible for determining that the material in the DENTCA products is safe, lawful, and technically suitable for the intended application, as well as for identifying the proper disposal (or recycling) method consistent with applicable environmental laws and regulations. DENTCA AND ITS THIRD-PARTY PARTNERS MAKE NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR USE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Further, it is expressly understood and agreed that you assume and hereby expressly release DENTCA and its Third-Party Partners from all liability, in tort, contract or otherwise, incurred in connection with the use of DENTCA products and any associated information or technical advice. Any statement or recommendation not contained herein is unauthorized and shall not bind DENTCA or its Third-Party Partners. Nothing herein shall be construed as a recommendation to use any product in conflict with any claim of any patent relative to any material or its use. No license is implied or granted under the claims of any patent.


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Safety Data Sheet.

Download the Direction for Use / Denture Fabrication Manual

Should you have any trouble with the resin or your printed parts, please feel free to reach the DENTCA Technical team by calling us at (424) 558-8726 or by emailing us at

For specific questions about your Carbon printer or Carbon software settings used for this resin, please contact Carbon directly at


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