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DENTCA-4 CAD/CAM Full Mouth Fixed Restorations

DENTCA has digitally revolutionized the traditional hybrid denture solution. From 3D scanning, to generating a digital model and milling; DENTCA-4 utilizes state-of-the-art CAD/CAM denture software and cutting edge technology.

With its segmented CAD/CAM milled bar technology and monolithic zirconia restorations, DENTCA-4 restorations do not require the use of multi-unit abutments, extensive bone grafting or difficult bar fitting/planning. This makes your treatments easy to deliver and reducing the chances of fracture/failure. The segmented and custom-angled bars generated by DENTCA software, simplify the chairside process yet retain the same strength and functionality as conventional implant supported full mouth restorations. Finish your cases in a faster, more predictable and economical way.



B E N E F I T S M I N I M U M    R E Q U I R E M E N T S

Easy to deliver segmented Titanium CAD/CAM milled bar technology

4-6 implants per arch

(a minimum of 2 implants on each side of the arch)

Highly resistant monolithic zirconia restorations Internal hex, Bone level implants
No multi-unit abutments or bone grafting required

6.5mm of interarch space for single arch cases

13mm interarch space for complete cases

CBCT & intraoral scan supported 7mm space from the center of one implant to the next implant
Digital backups & unlimited duplicates All internal hex impants from major companies are supported


Finish your cases in a faster, more predictable and economical way!


Experience the DENTCA difference today!

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