Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions are in effect as of the date of the receipt of your order, and will constitute an agreement between you (“Doctor”) and DENTCA (the “Agreement”).

[Product Use and Doctor Responsibility]
DENTCA is not a provider of medical, dental or health care services and does not and cannot practice medicine, dentistry or give medical advice. DENTCA may from time to time provide information or recommendations to Doctor; however, DENTCA will not control or pressure Doctor in the exercise of Doctor’s professional judgment. Decisions about treatment of a patient are to be made by Doctor, and Doctor is solely responsible to determine whether our products are appropriate for a specific patient, use or application, diagnosis & treatment of each patient and the resulting outcome. It is within Doctor’s sole discretion to implement any of DENTCA’s recommendations, including but not limited to proceeding with order submission. Each order is subject to acceptance by DENTCA. DENTCA is not responsible for poor impression outcome and is unable to manufacture a denture with poor impression sent to us. Also, Doctor is responsible to ship the bite registration material with the impressions including detached posterior parts to us, and additionally single arch attachment and the stone cast model of the opposite side to impression in case of single arch; if not sent, DENTCA is not responsible for it and is unable to manufacture a denture. DENTCA treatment options are only available to currently licensed dentists that have maintained their customer standing. DENTCA may require Doctor to submit feedback regarding a patient’s treatment with the products of DENTCA upon case completion.

[Indications for Use]
The DENTCA® Try-in should be used for check-up and adjustment on bite and occlusion, vertical dimension, border, midline, teeth setup, etc. and for a short amount of time only. With no exception should the Try-in be taken home and used for everyday wear and everyday functions such as eating or aesthetic purposes.
The DENTCA® Try-in is made of a photocurable acrylate resin composed of urethane acrylate and several acrylate monomers. 
The DENTCA® Try-in is contraindicated for patients and users, with a history of allergic reaction to urethane acrylate or acrylate monomers. 

This product may contain very small amounts of unreacted acrylate monomers, which may cause skin sensibility and/or other allergic reactions in some susceptible patients. If skin sensibility or other allergic reactions occur, discontinue use immediately. If mucosal irritation or other symptoms persist, please seek medical advice. 

1.This product is intended to be used only as check-up and adjustment of try-in denture models specifically described in the adjustment form. Any use of this product inconsistently with our directions, is at the discretion and sole responsibility of the practitioner; and DENTCA ® will take no responsibility over the misuse of the product out of recommended guidelines. 
2.When grinding the try-in model, please do so away from the patient in order to avoid breathing the dust, always remembering to do so, on open spaces or properly ventilated systems.
3.After the adjustments are made, wash the try-in with isopropyl alcohol and then with water before inserting it back the patient’s mouth.
4.Do not exceed the 1.5 hrs that the patient is allowed to wear this product in, while the adjustments are made in the clinic. 
5.Do not use this product for eating or drinking food.
Adverse reactions:
1.Allergic contact dermatitis and other allergic reactions may occur in susceptible individuals.
2.Noxious airborne particles will be generated when grinding the try-in. Eye, skin and respiratory irritation may occur if appropriate controls are not applied. 

[Payment and Shipping Policies]

The prices stated herein are in U.S. dollars. Orders are subject to DENTCA’s current Pricing, Terms &Conditions as of the order receipt date. Receipt of any order after any change to the Pricing, Terms & Conditions by DENTCA shall constitute conclusive evidence of your acceptance of those terms

Payment for DENTCA products is due from Doctor once a doctor places an order either via on-line or off-line. A packing slip is enclosed with each shipment and paid invoices may be mailed separately upon request. Shipping, handling and sales tax charges will be added to invoices where applicable or required by law. Additional fees may apply if a shipping method is requested other than DENTCA’s standard shipping procedure.

DENTCA does not accept payments from patients, including payments in the patient’s name forwarded by Doctor. When Doctor approves a treatment plan, Doctor is the party responsible for payment to DENTCA. Prices and other terms and conditions are subject to change by DENTCA without prior notice.

DENTCA products are manufactured and shipped to Doctor within approximately fourteen (14) business days from the date we receive the impression. DENTCA will make reasonable efforts to contact Doctor within five (5) days of order receipt if the order submission is not complete. Incomplete order submission will result in delays in manufacturing & shipping of products. Terms of shipment are F.O.B. shipping point.

Incorporation of Auxiliary Techniques
Doctor is responsible for the treatment outcome and any additional costs of auxiliary treatment used to achieve a desired outcome with the DENTCA products.

Records submitted to DENTCA become the property of DENTCA and will not be returned to Doctor. Records such as impressions require inspection and may be deemed unacceptable by DENTCA. If deemed unacceptable, replacement records will be requested. Physical materials such as impressions and study models will only be maintained by DENTCA for a short time period and are discarded and/or archived at the discretion of DENTCA.

[General Risks]
DENTCA recommends that each doctor confirm that each patient is dentally and periodontally stable prior to the start of treatment. The use of DENTCA product(s) or service(s) may involve some of the risks detailed below. Please note, many of the risks are general-for example, health and hygiene related risks-and can occur without any dental treatment or are risks that are associated with other traditional dental treatments:
(i)Gums, cheeks and lips may be scratched or irritated by the products; (ii)The products may temporarily affect speech and may result in a lisp, although any speech impediment associated with the products usually disappears within one or two weeks; (iii)Health of the bone and gums which support the teeth may be affected; (iv)In rare instances, problems may also occur in the jaw joint, causing joint pain, headaches or ear problems; and (v)In rare instances, allergic reactions may occur.

[Refund and Remake policy]

Refund and Remake policy of Tray
DENTCA will repair or replace any of the DENTCA trays, lip ruler, jaw gauge, EZ Tracers, and demo denture models (DENTCA Trays) found defective within six (6) months of the received date. DENTCA Trays are also refundable with a twenty-five (25%) percent re-stocking fee if and only if they are un-used and returned within fourteen (14) days of the received date. Any replacement or refund will be issued only after all of the corresponding products are returned to DENTCA and reviewed by DENTCA. 

Refund and Remake policy of Denture
DENTCA dentures are refundable with a twenty-five (25%) percent re-stocking and handling fee if and only if they are returned to DENTCA within thirty (30) days of the received date. DENTCA also provides one (1) remake service of final denture with eighty percent (80%) of the original cost if and only if Doctor sends the denture and other required materials to DENTCA within sixty (60) days of the received date. 
Any unredeemed pre-paid denture orders will be refunded within one (1) year of the purchase date unless specified otherwise at the time of purchase. Refunds can be issued in the form of credit for future DENTCA purchases or in the payment form similar to the original payment made to DENTCA.

[2nd Try-in Policy]
DENTCA will provide an additional 2nd try-in with $50 if and only if Doctor returns the try-in, bite registration and other materials which DENTCA required to make additional try-in to DENTCA. 

[Doctor Warranty]
Doctor warrants and represents that (i) Doctor is licensed to practice dentistry in the location of and at the time treatment is provided; (ii) Doctor will not use DENTCA products if such license expires, is not valid, is revoked, suspended or otherwise jeopardized at any time during treatment with DENTCA products; (iii) Doctor’s use of DENTCA products will be in accordance with generally accepted business or medical standards and shall comply with DENTCA’s product or service specifications; (iv) Doctor takes full responsibility and is directly and solely liable for using information obtained from the use of DENTCA products in the treatment of patients, including but not limited to, achieving a desired outcome or the decision to move forward with treatment; (v) Doctor will regularly review the DENTCA web site to verify that Doctor is aware of any changes to Pricing, Terms & Conditions for DENTCA; (vi) Doctor will provide, upon request, feedback regarding the status of a patients treatment and the success of the DENTCA service or product, and DENTCA may use such information for promotional, education or other publication purposes.

[Governing Law]
These terms and conditions shall be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state of California without regard to its conflict of law principles. The federal and state courts within the state of California shall have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute arising out of these terms and conditions.

DENTCA products purchased by Doctor under this Agreement may only be used by Doctor within the country of purchase and may not be exported or re-sold. Doctor agrees to comply with all export laws, restrictions, statutes, agreements and regulations of the United States Government, its agencies, bureaus, and authorities. Doctor shall not provide, transfer, sell or otherwise make available the product or related technology in violation of any such Laws. Doctor agrees that such compliance shall apply to the export, deemed export and/or re-export of this product and shall include compliance with export t restrictions applicable to Specially Designated Nationals, and any other restricted person or entity of the United States Government, including prohibition on export or re-export to embargoed or restricted countries. The product and related technology shall only be exported or re-exported for its intended commercial use and not for any prohibited use or to any prohibited end user. Doctor shall be fully and solely responsible and liable for any damages or punishment for any violation of any part of this paragraph.

[No Waiver]
The failure of either party at any time to require performance by the other party of any provision will not affect in any way the full right to require such performance at any time thereafter.

If any provision of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be contrary to law, such provision shall be changed by the court and interpreted so as to best accomplish the objectives of the original provision to the fullest extent allowed by law and the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.

[Termination and Modification]
DENTCA reserves the right to cancel or modify this agreement, refuse an order for product, revoke the customer standing of a doctor for any reason at any time with or without notice.

[Entire Agreement]
This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement and understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matters covered; and this Agreement supersedes all prior letters of intent, agreements, covenants, arrangements, communications, warranties or representations, whether oral or written, by any officer, employee, or representative of DENTCA relating thereto. This Agreement prevails over any conflicting or additional terms of any quote, order, invoice or other communication. This Agreement can only be modified by an authorized representative of DENTCA.